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Getting calls from unknown phone numbers is a frustrating situation that people go through even when they have their numbers listed on the federal Do Not Call List. In fact, this list does not block many charities, political candidates, and even surveyors from calling you. And also, not every unknown call is threatening; a long-lost friend may want to rekindle your relationship.

And that is why you need to use a reputable site such as WhoCallMe.com to determine who called me from this phone number to trace individuals who may be looking for you and possibly figure out their motives. After figuring out who is behind that call, you can make an informed decision.

What Are the Advantages of Figuring out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

Never Ignore an Emergency

Did you know that whoever could be calling from the unknown number could be from the hospital, the office, or your babysitter? Someone close to you could be reaching out to you through an unknown number because of an emergency. Ignoring such a call can cost you a lot, and you may regret it later. Identifying the caller behind it can help you take the necessary step to manage the emergency.

Identify and Block Harassing or Obscene Calls

It is only frustrating and emotionally draining to continuously receive harassing or obscene calls from an unknown phone number. Identifying the caller behind such calls can help you block them, report them, warn them, or tell them you are not interested in the prank calls, especially if it is your friend or someone close to you.

Call Someone Back If You Can’t Talk at the Moment

Sometimes you can not pick up a call at that moment because you are working on something important. Determining who called me from this phone number from an accurate platform such WhoCallMe allows you to get the name and alternative number from the call and call them back when you have a free moment.

Why Do I Choose to Use WhoCallMe

Even as the number of services to identify unknown phone numbers continue to rise to manage the increasing cases of people receiving unknown calls, it is worth finding a reliable service for accurate results. Using WhoCallMe, you will get accurate results because of their daily updated databases. Here is why you should use this simple online phone directory:

Very Simple Interface That Is Mobile Friendly

Right from its homepage, you can enter the phone number on the search bar and access results within minutes of the search. It should not be complex to collect information about a caller, especially when you are in a hurry. The platform is also mobile-optimized, making it easy to access the information wherever you are, as long as it is internet-enabled.


Daily Updated and Extensive Database

By using WhoCallMe to identify who called me from this number, you expand your ability to collect accurate and up-to-date details on your target. The platform can access multiple public databases and provides you access to one of the largest online reverse phone lookup directories.


The WhoCallMe phone directory can access area codes and phone numbers in all 50 states. It is accessible to everyone, and since it is free, you can use it for “who called me from this phone number” free lookup services.

Fast Service

Expect to get your results within minutes of your search because the WhoCallMe search engine has a fast processing time. However, sometimes you can find limited amounts of information because the amount of data collected usually depends on the caller’s digital footprints.

Can I Stop Getting Calls From Unknown Phone Numbers?

Receiving calls from unknown phone numbers can be irritating and nerve wracking. However, you can never stop completely from receiving such calls in the future. For example, if you are a US citizen and are on the Federal Do Not Call List, this does not guarantee you will never get a call. This list does not block most charities, political candidates, and surveyors from contacting you.

Fortunately, you can minimize the number of calls you can get from unknown phone numbers. You can accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Silence unknown callers on your iPhone – this sends them straight to voicemail. They can also leave you a message on the off-chance saying they are legitimate.
  • Block unknown callers on your android. However, these calls will not go directly to voicemail, and you may end up missing important messages.
  • Block individual numbers that give you regular spam calls
  • Use a VPN to add additional phone security to your mobile device.
  • Add your mobile phone number to the Do Not Call Me List.

Since you can never totally stop receiving unknown calls in the future, it is only wise to identify individual callers behind them to figure out their intention and act accordingly. It is also worth noting that not all calls are threatening or time-wasting as it can be a long-lost friend trying to rekindle your relationship or a business associate trying to discuss a business deal with you. Using the right platform, for example, WhoCallMe, you can determine who called me from this phone number which helps you make the right decision regarding an unknown phone call.

How to Use WhoCallMe to Trace Who Call Me

Here is how you can find out who called me from this phone number for free:

  • Visit WhoCallMe.com. From the home page, you can access the search bar.
  • Enter the correct phone number in the search bar and press enter to start the search process
  • Let the search engine perform the search. After a few minutes, you will access the search results page. When the result has more than one profile, click to view each or select the most suitable option.

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