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Adding the payback rate and house 메이저놀이터edge will always be 100%. Therefore, the house edge can be calculated by subtracting the payback rate from 100%. For Full Pay’s Jack-or-Better game, the payback rate is 99.54%. Therefore, the house edge is 0.46%. In other words, for every $100 bet, the casino expects to win $99.54. The casino expects to win by 46 cents.

However, this is a long-term expectation. In the short term, we are still determining what will happen. This background is necessary to understand why video poker strategy is important. Since you know the probability of a specific hand being dealt and the probability of a hand being improved, you can compare your choices in video poker games and make a choice that will give you a better-expected return.


Let’s say you’re playing Jack-or-Better 메이저놀이터and have a royal flush with four cards, but you also have a pair. You can play this hand in many ways. In this example, there are several options.

  • You can also discard all five cards and start over from the beginning. This is the least expected play.
  • You can also discard all cards except pairs. In this case, you’ll expect to get 2 pairs, 3 cards, or even a full house.
  • Alternatively, you can discard the paired cards and draw the Royal Flash.

You have a pair to win at least one unit with a 100% chance. However, there is also a chance to improve your hand, so it is a little better than that. Let’s take a 1.50-dollar expected price move.


However, the dividend for Royal Flash is 800 to 1. The chance of getting the card you need is 1/47th, but if you get an 800-to-1 dividend with a 1/46th chance, you should take it anytime. The expectation of that play is big.

The probability of winning $800 is about 2%. On the other hand, the probability of losing a dollar is about 98%, which is -98 cents. $16-98 = $15.02, much more than $1.50.

This bet is more likely to lose, but the right choice is clear. If you win, you’ll win so much that you’ll get back the lost portion of your bet. In video poker, not all situations are as clear as that. Humans can only play correctly in some situations with paper and pencil.

Fortunately, that’s why we have computers.

Video poker strategy tables can be found in any variation. You’ll also find websites that generate the right strategy based on the games and paytables you’ve entered.


Explain how such a strategy table works. A list of the actors appears.

At the top of the list is the best possible hand.

At the top of the list is the best possible hand, which is lowered until you find a hand that matches that hand. Stop and keep the card on the list when you find that hand.

In most video poker cheats charts, Royal Flash is the top card in your hand. This makes sense. After all, you won’t throw away your highest-paid hand in the game. That’s not possible. Four of India and Straight Flash are at the top of the list in most games – these are usually the top three cards with the best payouts. But what’s the next best card?

You always have four Royal Flashes. These are the Jax or Better strategy, but the Due War strategy is slightly different. One must always see a list of possible hands by the number of deuces. Fundamental

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