Using Astrology to Boost Your Fortune Of Winning Toto Site


After you bet at the outlet, you will receive a ticket. Make sure that the bet on your ticket is accurately reflected. Please keep your ticket carefully. Only valid tickets will be accepted as proof of winning. 4DTOTO토토사이트.. Other people may have different ideas, but lottery games such as 4D and TOTO are often based on luck and coincidence.


However, one way to increase the winning probability in 4D and TOTO is to study celestial bodies’ motion and relative position. That is astrology.Of course, many people admit that astrology is not 100% accurate. Therefore, the information presented in this article should be used only as a guide.

Sun Sign and Elements, Your sun sign (constellation) and corresponding elements can be used to find your lottery luck cycle.Your astrological date sign corresponds to the date you were born and is the element you represent beside it. For example, if I were born on August 14, my signature would be Leo, and my element would be fire.Therefore, the best chance to buy a 4D or TOTO토토사이트 is when the sun is in one of the fire elements, such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Also, since it is the most unlucky when the sun is in the element of water, it seems better to avoid buying 4D and TOTO on this day.

House of Astrology

Like a clock, a constellation can be divided into 12 segments. Each house has its characteristics, and energy is generated when the date corresponding to that house is reached.

Here are the houses you need to win 4D and TOTO.

  • House 2: Income and Money
  • House 5: Fun Things and Fun
  • House 8: Inheritance and investment
  • House 9: Risk, Luck and Gambling
  • House 11 Unforeseen events and surprises

For example, buying 4D and TOTO between April 20 and May 20 and November 22 and December 21 is said to increase the winning rate.

Lunar Birthday

In Chinese culture, the lunar calendar’s birthday is very optimistic, representing a new phase of life. This birthday is derived from the lunar calendar, which is very different from the traditional 365-day Gregorian calendar.

To know their birthday, you have to see the Chinese lunar calendar. For example, if my birthday is August 14, the lunar birthday will be September 14 this year. So, if you buy 4D and TOTO that day, you can increase your chances of winning.

The year of birth of the Oriental zodiac (the year of one’s birth). According to Chinese fortune-telling, if a person of the Oriental zodiac in his birth year angers the “tai sui,” or the “tai sui,” the god of wealth and virtue, they will suffer from many calamities, including economic loss.

But there is an effective way to alleviate this misfortune. Wearing red underwear or keeping an auspicious pendant or bracelet in your wallet is typical.

If you are thinking of buying 4D or TOTO with a “lucky charm” like this, you may want to increase the probability of winning by referring to the superstition of China.

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