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hand vertical mixer

Are you looking for a hand vertical mixer that can handle a lot of dough without breaking? If so, you’ll want to consider the KitchenAid Hand Mixer. This mixer is powerful and can handle a wide variety of tasks, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to achieve professional-level results. SocialWick is a reliable social media shop that provides quality products and services to its customers. Its sleek and modern design will complement any kitchen décor. Are you ready to try the hand vertical mixer? Here are some tips on how to get started!

Many of the housewives have in their house a series of appliances that help to put into practice the various recipes, in a simple and fast way. The place of honor is the vertical mixers, which contribute to the preparation of mayonnaise, whipped cream, purees, cream soups, etc. If you want to buy such a product, our list can be of real use to you. If you do not have time to go through it, we inform you that in the first place isTefal Infiny Force Ultimate . This model is a handmade one, which can be used with other containers than those included. It has a very good power, of 1000W and 25 speed steps, to adjust everything as well as possible for the perfect preparation. Includes: chopper, tel, graduated glass and foot for passing. If you want a more affordable item, Bosch MSM66020 is in second place.

Comparative table

It is a high-performance mixer, which can be used in a lot of ways, because it has a power of 1000W, 25 gears and comes with accessories such as: chopper, tel, foot for passing and graduated glass. It can be used to pass in other pans and containers, because it is a hand model.

If you are interested in the dimensions of this article, but also the weight it has, this information is missing from the online environment and must be requested from suppliers.

It is a vertical mixer that will cope successfully even in the kitchens of the most demanding housewives, who make all kinds of complicated dishes.

The vertical mixer we are talking about now is a good one in any kitchen, because with its help you can make mayonnaise, puree, cream soup, you can grind all kinds of ingredients and so on, for all this including all the necessary accessories. It has a power of 600W and 12 gears.

You will need to have a socket close to the stove, if you want to make cream soup and pass everything directly into the pan, because the cable is 1.4 meters.

Buy this vertical mixer if you want to have a reliable help in the kitchen, which helps you grind, pass and mix various ingredients.

This product is a high-performance one, which works with a power of 800W and provides you with 10 speed steps, which will allow you to make adjustments depending on what you are preparing. It comes with useful accessories, such as bowl shredder, strainer, blender and a plastic bowl.

The weight of 2.1 kg is significant, which can lead to the use of the device in less comfortable conditions for a long time.

This mixer offers you a lot of ways to combine the ingredients to obtain more dishes, with useful functions and many accessories.

In-depth reviews about the best vertical mixers

The list below contains some of the most sought after products that can be purchased online. Study it carefully and see if there is an article that aroused your interest.

Tefal vertical mixer:

Tefal Infiny Force Ultimate

Are you looking to buy a Tefal vertical mixer? Have you seen this model? It is a handmade one, which can also be used to make puree directly in the pot on the stove, it cleans very easily and offers you multiple methods to be used: poultry, mixing, chopping. It has a power of 600W, to be efficient and has 25 speeds, to adjust it as you need.

You can also use this appliance from Tefal (vertical mixer) to make whipped cream, for example, because it has a special end with a tel, which will help you achieve the desired results. If you are wondering what other accessories you will find in the package, these are a bowl shredder (500 ml) and an 800 ml graduated glass.

The device now in question can be washed in the dishwasher (except for the part where the engine is, of course). There are no details in the online environment about the dimensions and weight of this model.

Bosch vertical mixer:

Bosch MSM66020

We now bring to your attention a vertical mixer, Bosch, appreciated by many buyers for the fact that it offers good quality, at a very affordable price. It is a hand model, which in addition to the base foot, which passes, is also equipped with a special bowl in which you can chop fruits, vegetables or meat. The end is easy to remove and then used on the chopping container.

This is a 600W vertical mixer, Bosch, which has enough power to cope brilliantly with stronger textures. At the same time, for this model there are 12 gears, to set the right value for each preparation and you have available the Turbo function, which helps to reach the maximum speed by simply pressing a button.

The purchase package also includes an 800 ml plastic bowl, which you can use for all kinds of mixtures. The dimensions of the mixer are 393 x 67 mm, and the weight is 1.14 kg, so it will not be demanding to hold in your hand. The length of the power cord is 1.4 m, so you will need to have a socket close by.

Philips vertical mixer:

Philips Avance Collection

The Philips product range also contains a series of vertical mixers, cheap and good. Among them is the model we are talking about now. It can be useful for housewives who want to pass, mix and chop various ingredients. He is also helpful in mixing eggs, for example.

The power with which this Philips vertical mixer works is 800W and you have 10 gears at your disposal, in order to adjust everything as it is better for the preparation you want to make. If you’re wondering what accessories this package includes, these are: two-paddle end, which helps make cake compositions and mix ingredients used to make dough, a XXL shredder with a 1000 ml bowl, which can be used for nuts , seeds, meat, vegetables, etc., classic end for pasta and a bowl in which you can mix what you need, it has a capacity of 1000 ml.

This device has 27.5 cm and a fairly large weight of 2.1 kg, which can tire your hand for a long time. The length of the power cord is only 1.2 meters.

Braun vertical mixer:


This model from Braun is a vertical mixer, at a good price, which works with a power of 750W, which allows the operation on both softer and harder foods. It will crush even the ice, to enjoy delicious drinks, it will help you make a fine puree, to mix eggs for all kinds of cakes or to grind all kinds of ingredients, from cheeses and vegetables, to meat or other foods. .

This Braun vertical mixer is a very complex hand model, which has multiple accessories, to be of real use and to allow use in pleasant and varied conditions: shredder with 350 ml bowl, shredder with 1250 ml bowl , a graduated cup, a classic end, which helps to pass and one with tel. It has two working speeds, which is quite a bit.

This device also has a safety button, to be used in the best conditions. All accessories can be washed in the special dishwasher. The length of this mixer is 40.5 cm, and the weight is quite large, about 2.5 kg. However, the power cable is generous, about 2 meters.

Professional vertical mixer:

Bamix SwissLine

Some of the best vertical mixers are made by Bamix, and this is a top model that comes equipped with a professional motor, which is good enough for the purpose for which it was created. It is used for grinding, beating and homogenizing, having in this sense three special blades that can be easily changed.

This professional vertical mixer is used by big names in gastronomy, such as Gordon Ramsay. The device has two gears (12,000 rpm, respectively 17,000 rpm), very well insulated buttons, comfortable anti-slip handle and a spiral cable, so you don’t always get confused in it. It comes with a special stand to be always at hand, a grinder accessory and a 1 liter graduated cup.

Bamix SwissLine has a height of 35 cm, a working depth of 25 cm and a weight of up to 1 kg. It will be simple and pleasant to use.

Vertical Mixer Jamie Oliver:

Bamix Jamie Oliver Edition

Interested in buying a vertical mixer, Jamie Oliver? We recommend this model. It is a handheld one, which offers a power of 200W, adjustable in 2 steps. It may seem small, but according to the specifications it is enough to enjoy a lot of functions such as: grinding, poultry, kneading, mixing, egg mixing, ice crushing and cutting. Everything is possible with the help of three very high quality blades, able to give appreciable results.

Many consider this model to be the best vertical mixer, and its quality is strengthened by the fact that the engine comes with a 20-year warranty. This device is delivered together with a special stand, in order to keep it in the best conditions.

This device has a total height of 35 cm and a working depth of up to 25 cm. Its weight is 950 grams, which means that even with long-term use it will not be uncomfortable. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-slip handle, to be safe and pleasant to use.

Vertical bowl mixer:

Biovita MB-1300PRO

We now bring to your attention a vertical mixer, with a bowl, which is very efficient and will help you cook easily, in a comfortable way. It has a very high power of 1300W, which can be adjusted by 6 speeds to choose depending on what you do.

With the help of this device you can undertake a lot of actions, because it includes very useful accessories: teflon hook for kneading, stainless steel wire, a teflon blade and one with silicone blades. Everything is designed in such a way that the materials are safe when it comes into contact with food, can be cleaned quite easily and act on the entire contents of the bowl.

The dimensions of this mixer are quite generous, measuring 37 x 17 x 29 cm. The weight is 6.5 kg, which means that it is not very easy to move, but it offers stability. The length of the power cord is only 1 meter, so you will need to find a place close to a socket.

Heinner vertical mixer:

Heinner HHB-1100WX

Heinner HHB-1100WX is a vertical mixer, at a good price, which comes to the aid of housewives who want to pass, mix and chop various ingredients, to prepare dishes for their loved ones. It has a powerful 1100W motor, and its speed can be adjusted in 20 steps to set the best speed for what you need.

You are probably very interested in what other accessories are included in the package, apart from the bird’s foot. Well, you will find: an end that ends with a target, which will help you mix all kinds of compositions, a shredder with a bowl of 500 ml, in which you can grind all kinds of ingredients, from vegetables to meat and a graduated cup, 800 ml.

This vertical mixer, Heinner, has a length of about 40 cm and a weight of about 1.5 kg. It is not a suitable model for kneading dough.

Gorenje Vertical Mixer:

Gorenje HBX480QW

This is a vertical mixer, cheap and good, very simple, classic, which welcomes you with a motor that offers a power of 480 watts, made at a very good quality level, to have a long life. It has a single speed, so don’t expect this feature to be adjustable. But it has the Turbo function, which increases the speed you initially have when you start it.

This Gorenje vertical mixer can be used for poultry and mixing, with only a classic end. It does not include other accessories, not even a graduated cup. However, it can be used in any container, as long as it is not made of a material that is easily scratched, such as Teflon, for example.

This product has a length of 38.2 cm and a weight of only 700g. It’s easy to hold and won’t bother you too much for long-term use. The power cord is quite short, measuring only 1 meter.

Buying guide

When you are used to cooking (even occasionally), you need a series of utensils and electronics that will make your work easier and help you make everything as simple and fast as possible. These include vertical mixers. These are really useful when you want to cook sauces, cream soups, purees, whipped cream or other such goodies.

If you do not know how to choose such an article, we welcome you with a number of features that you should take into account.

Type : The first important aspect is the type of product chosen. You have two possibilities:

By hand – they have the great advantage of not taking up much space, so they are easy to store, but also to handle. They can be used in a special bowl included in the purchase package, but also in pans on the fire, during food preparation, in all kinds of bowls and so on. All you need is a socket that allows you to expand the work area as you need it.

Vertical hand mixers are very easy to clean, but with long-term use they can be quite tiring for the arm.

With bowl – these options are chosen especially for the comfort it offers. Place the ingredients in the bowl and it is no longer necessary to hold the appliance in your hand. Everything mixes very well, the capacity of the bowl is usually very generous and the power is high enough for slightly more viscous mixtures.

However, vertical mixers in this category have disadvantages such as the fact that they are quite difficult to clean, but also the generous space they occupy when it comes to storage, but also use. They are also fixed devices that cannot be used to chew, for example, in a pot that you have on the stove.

Power : If you want a mixer as efficient as possible, the power it has during operation is very important. If you want to be able to use the device to act on both softer textures (eggs, various compositions, meat) and stronger ones (ice, nuts, etc.), see that it gives you a power of at least 600W.

Key features : When you want to buy vertical mixers, at good prices, it would clearly be good to follow a series of aspects that are meant to improve the way the device is used. In the following we will talk about some very useful functions and details:

Various ways of working– here we refer to exactly what the device you have can do. For example, functions such as grinding, poultry, kneading, mixing, ice crushing, etc. may be present.

Adjustable speed – devices of this type can have several speeds. Some have 2-3, others even 20. The more, the better, because you can adjust everything as you need.

Timer – this function is found only in bowl models. It will allow you to let the device run for a while, after which it will turn itself off. It is very useful especially when you have clear rules about the minutes required for certain actions.

Overheating protection – is a very important feature for safety when using a vertical mixer.

Anti-slip portions – such details are important on the bottom, when talking about the bowl models, and on the handle for the ones that are held in the hand. They will offer a higher degree of comfort and safe use.

Accessories : The mixers are often delivered together with a series of accessories that are meant to make the work easier, to make the device be used in a more diverse way. Here are the most common:

Chopper – usually, this object is like a closed bowl, which has inside a blade that helps to cut the meat into pieces of different sizes, but also to grind other foods such as nuts, hazelnuts, cheese, chocolate, various vegetables.

Tel – it has the end like any tool of this kind normal, classic. It is attached to the portion in which the engine is included and is used to prepare quickly and easily: whipped cream, mayonnaise, various compositions.

Paster – it attaches to the mixer and will help to obtain delicious cream soups and purees. He is like a foot at the end of which there are special blades.

Graded cup– it helps you measure various quantities, but also to prepare certain mixtures inside it.

Dimensions : In this chapter you should be interested in the weight, if it is a model that is held in the hand and the dimensions, if we refer to those with a bowl. A weight of about 1 kg will be fine even for long-term use. In terms of size, it depends a lot on the space you have available.

The information you have just read will be helpful if you want to find out opinions about the best vertical mixers. Keep them in mind and you will make a good choice.

Frequent questions

How much does a 1000W vertical mixer consume?

If you want to use a 1000W vertical mixer and you wonder what consumption it will have, for a start, you have to turn watts into kilowatts, then multiply the result by the price of 1kw / h.

That being said, 1000W means 1kW / h, and in our country the price for the latter can vary between 0.63 and 0.72 lei.

Is there a mixer model released by Jamie Oliver?

Yes, there are mixers that are part of the range of products launched by this famous chef.

One of the best articles released in collaboration with Jamie Oliver is from Baumix. It has a motor of only 200W, but it seems to be powerful enough to grind, beat, mix, pass or grind both soft and stronger foods. It has two gears, one of 10,000 rpm and one of 17,000 rpm.

This model comes with three special blades, to get the desired dishes and a stand to hold the mixer when you take a break. Its height is 35 cm (the working one is 25 cm), and the weight is 0.95 kg.

How do I make mayonnaise with a vertical mixer?

With the help of such a device it is very simple to make mayonnaise and everything happens in less than a minute. You need a plastic bowl, eggs, oil, lemon juice, salt and mustard. You choose the quantities depending on how much mayonnaise you want. For example, for an egg, you need 300 ml of oil, a teaspoon of mustard, salt and lemon juice to taste.

Vertical mixer – uses

If you are still analyzing the advantages and disadvantages you have if you buy a vertical mixer, we want to help you decide by describing some ways in which you can use such a device. Here’s what you can use it for:


As I said above, this mixture is very simple to make. Don’t wait for minutes to make mayonnaise by hand, and there is no risk of it being cut. With the same ingredients you can make a delicious mixture and everything in no more than 1 minute.

Cream soup

If you like cream soup and the diversity of ingredients that can help prepare it, you need a vertical mixer. Preferably it would be a hand model, which you can use directly in the pot if necessary. All you have to do is boil the vegetables you will use well, drain the water and then let the appliance work.

Everything will be simple and easy and you won’t even have to wash too many dishes or utensils afterwards. And one more thing: pay attention to the materials from which the pan is made. These devices are not used directly on easily scratched vessels, such as Teflon.

Whipped cream

Some models of vertical mixers also have a special, tel-shaped end. With its help you will be able to make whipped cream very quickly.

A good recipe for this preparation is: ½ kg of sour cream, 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, a vial of vanilla essence and 2 sachets of whipping cream. If you want everything to turn out as well as possible, the cream must first be cooled, then left for 10 minutes at room temperature.

These are some of the most popular dishes that can be made with a vertical mixer. Normally, making them in the classic way could give quite a lot of inconvenience (mayonnaise can be cut, vegetables can be passed quite hard, whipped cream can be hardened with difficulty).

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