Talking to your child about losing weight

losing weight

Parenting is a tricky business. One point at which it gets trickier still is when discussing weight problems with your child. Whereas some children have genetic predisposition towards weight gain, others might be suffering from the unhealthy eating habits that were reinforced by the parents.

Whereas children should not be focusing on what size their body is or how much calories they should be consuming, but those borderline obese or obese already need focusing on their weight.

There are many dangers of childhood obesity, including mental health problems, joint issues, risk of asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and sleep problems, meriting then the constant intervention of a Child Specialist in Karachi.

So, for children who clearly need help for their weight, parents need to take urgent steps. However, if the talk about their weight is done wrong, it could subject them to complexes, trauma, BDD and mental health issues.

Therefore, knowing how to talk to your child about their size and weight is imperative.

Tips for talking to your child about their weight

Do not insult them

If you insult your child about their weight or shame them about how much they eat, then you are doing a great disservice to them. You are not only altering their relationship with food but you are also affecting their relationship with you.

Moreover, these insulting remarks greatly hurt their perception of self, paving way for self-worth and self-esteem issues. These not only haunt them through their childhood, but also affect their prospects as an adult.

So, no matter what you do, do not insult them. Do not make a joke of them, especially in front of others. Keep your tone and sarcasm in check.

Talk to them about the health risks

While of course, you do not want to worry your child, but to convince them to make dietary and lifestyle changes, you need to talk to them about the health risks. Chances are, your child will not entirely understand or care for the risks, but they will understand some.

Since the weight loss journey is extremely difficult, therefore, knowing the stakes can help you make a better case, and act as a deterrent for your child.

Encourage them

Words of encouragement are extremely important in any mission, but especially weight loss mission. They help in making the resolve stronger and increasing the determination to continue.

So, offer your child words of encouragement, always, even if they do not lose weight per se but as long as they are moving in the right direction, they deserve to be applauded.

Make lifestyle changes as a family

The journey of weight loss is an extremely lonely and hard one. To make things easier for your child, make it a family venture. Moreover, if the rest of the family is having more tasty and less healthy food, it will be unkind to the child and will break their resolve quicker.

So, tell your child their weight loss journey is actually about the entire family’s quest for healthy living. Join them in exercise. Purge your house of all the junk and unhealthy food.

Help them with their self-esteem

Kids can be brutal with bullying, and the oversized kids are often the target. It can also cause your child to fall off the track of losing weight, as they try to find solace in food.

So, alongside encouraging weight loss, also talk to them about self-esteem. The purpose of losing weight is not for superficial reasons, but for the sake of their health. Otherwise, people come in all sizes and are brilliant, nonetheless.

Hence, try to give the bullying remarks a positive spin. Give your child positive talks. Teach them about self-love.

Get expert help

It is also important to have Child Specialist in Rawalpindi on board. The doctor can not only ascertain the causes for obesity to begin with, but they can assess the child’s progress and health along the way as well.

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