Privileges That Come with Wave Internet Services

Wave Internet Services

If we ask you to recall the names of the country’s most reliable and best-performing internet service providers in your mind you will surely have Wave Internet somewhere in the list. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Well, it is because the internet service provider is not only facilitating its widespread customers in the United States but also providing countless perks to each of its subscribers.

That’s the reason it has earned tremendous fame and a good reputation among its broad range of customers. If you are new to Wave internet and wanted to know what privileges the internet service provider is offering to its customers then you have landed at the right place. However, if you have already subscribed to its internet services and just want to explore the undiscovered perks you may probably get through Wave internet service this article is for you also.

We know that you must be having Goosebumps and why don’t you? After all, perks are like additional services that you enjoy for availing of any of the services, and who doesn’t want to get extra without paying a single buck!

So, let’s dive right into the topic without any further delay!

List of Major Privileges You Will Get with Wave Internet Service

Stay Connected In the Dead Zone with Wave In-Home Wi-Fi

Dead zones are the biggest threats, especially for binge streamers, hardcore gamers, internet junkies, remote workers, online students, online shoppers, and smart homeowners. Moreover, it is also the greatest issue for people living in multi-story houses, apartment buildings, houses with basements, large size houses, houses built with concrete material, or houses loaded with multiple smart home devices, smart home appliances, electronic devices, and smart devices.

Similarly, a household with multiple internet users is also on target of dead zones which are hard to avoid. For overcoming the consistent internet signals and slow internet speed across every single corner of a house you need to install and connect more than one modem, router, or Wi-Fi device at distant spots to make sure your internet has maximum coverage across your home.

You can overcome dead zone issues with this trick but it requires you spend additional money. However, with Wave Internet, this is what you don’t need to do at all. Why? Because the internet service provider privileges its customers with strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the space with its TrueMesh technology and Amazon’s Eero. So you can enjoy consistent internet speed and strong internet signals in every inch of your space.

Customized Modem for You

The internet service provider is offering freedom to its customers for customizing their internet equipment as per their needs and preferences. Wave Internet has a customer support strategy to provide the utmost support and privileges to its subscribers. You can get your modem if you want to work with any of its internet plans. However, you need to keep in mind the compatibility of the modem or equipment you are willing to buy with Wave internet services.

Wave internet always remains updated with the latest technology and keeps improving its network with time.  So, make sure the equipment you are outsourcing must be compatible to seamlessly work with upgraded internet speeds of Wave and get automatically updated.

Wave Internet Compatible Devices

  • DOCSIS 3.1: The least requirement for making a modem work with Wave Gigabit or High-speed 500 service is 32 downstream channels.
  • DOCSIS 3.0: The least requirement for making a modem work with Wave High-speed 100 or High-speed 250 service is 24 downstream channels.

Other Perks You Will Enjoy at Wave Internet Service

Moving forward we have added some other yet interesting perks that you will surely want to get your hands on at Wave. So, let’s check how the internet service provider privileges its customers.

Double Your Delight

The ISP is making it easy for you to understand the logic behind its billings and offers so you can have better insight into how billing and offers are working at Wave. If you have made up your mind about a specific internet speed but are not satisfied with the data provided in that internet plan worry not the provider has got you covered.

You can easily increase your data provided in any of the standard internet plans or offer you have chosen just by paying a couple of dollars every month. For example, if your current internet plan with your desired internet speed offers you specific data at a designated price you can double that data figure for $15 per month or $10 per month. However, the increase in data at such a ratio depends on the region or location you are currently residing.

Freedom from Data Limit

If you are currently using Wave high-speed 250 or Wave high-speed 100 internet plans your chances of acquiring monthly unlimited data are quite tempting. The internet service provider permits its customers to enjoy its high-speed internet service without thinking about data outages. Why? Because it is allotting additional data to subscribers in case their monthly data usage exceeds the data limit.

You can easily get unlimited data offers for paying only $24 or $20 every month. However, the accessibility of this perk is subject to your current location. This feature will help you to meet your monthly data need without moving to a higher speed tier internet plan that usually comes with high price tags.

Impeccable Streaming with Wave Internet and Roku

Roku is an astounding streaming device that helps you to turn your Wave internet and TV bundle into a streaming TV and internet bundle which is a perfect treat for binge streamers. All you need to do is to pay $5 every month added to your monthly bill. Moreover, you can get this streaming device for Wave high-speed 100 internet plan or even above. The good thing is that the monthly rental fee charged by the ISP includes equipment replacement, setup, and support.

Furthermore, you can stream more than 350 apps and can watch 200,000-above TV shows and movies. Also, this combination will allow you to watch popular channels including Netflix, HBO MAXTM, Prime Video, NHL Game Center, Hulu Plus,, and many others.

Peace of Mind with Protection Plan of Wave Service

Worry less and enjoy more this is what you will experience with Wave Service Protection Plan for sure. This plan has particularly designed for subscribers who are either in search of peace of mind or prefer to live a worry-free life.

Just for paying a minimal fee of $5 every month you can subscribe to this exceptionally good service. You will enjoy coverage for home phone, internet, and cable TV services here. The plan delivers blazingly fast internet speed through its wired network extended from the provider to your place and within your house.

The ISP fits internet and cable TV wires across your home along with cable TV splitters, twisted pair jumpers, amplifiers you bought from Wave, and telephone jacks. Moreover, you will get troubleshooting calls and service trips to examine any issues related to equipment you bought without paying a single buck. Isn’t it awesome?

In a Nutshell

You must have learned how the internet service provider is privileging its customers and what it holds in its buckets to make its widespread subscriber feel worthy of Wave. However, if you are still not clear head then we recommend you to visit BuyTVInternetPhone. It is a platform where you can easily explore amazing perks the ISP has lined up to offer its customers in the United States of America.

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