Nectar Collector Silicone Is Perfect For Dabbing

Nectar Collector Silicone

The cannabis industry is increasing with new products and services being launched daily. One of the latest buzzwords in the cannabis industry is “nectar,” a slang term for cannabis-based drinks and other products. The term “nectar collector” refers to a vertical dab tool, often known as a “honey straw” or “dab straw.”

A nectar collector may be used to gather wax, distillates, oils, and any other concentrates. The most economical solution is often a silicone nectar collector. It is excellent for people on a tight budget or new users who don’t want to spend much money before determining whether a dab straw is right for them. The silicone air route has a glass or metallic dab tip.

How Is A Silicone Nectar Collector Different?

Nectar collectors, commonly referred to as “percolating dab straws,” are a particular kind of dab rig. They are similar to a standard dab rig in that they can vaporize cannabis concentrates, but they are less complicated and use a dish to contain most of the debris. They boast a splash-proof design that people adore but also utilize water to percolate.

Warm the tip as you would a nail, allow it to cool, and tap it along the cannabis concentrate. It will get larger the longer you press the tip against the dab. Some users believe it is wise to continue touching the tip while inhaling the vapor. The vapor then ascends to the mouthpiece through the chamber that resembles a straw. You may inhale, hold, and exhale with a standard dab rig.

Extracts To Be Consumed With It

They are mostly dab rigs, implying that the marijuana flower cannot be used as a nectar collector. But practically every cannabis concentrate is fine. The most widely used concentrations are generally used extracts when utilizing a nectar collector: crumble, live resin, wax, hash oil, etc.

Are They Safe?

One should not be concerned about utilizing them as they are designed to be used and take sensible safety precautions. When used appropriately and by someone who understands what they’re doing, nectar collectors are safe.

Follow common sense safety precautions, like refraining from driving after dabbing. Keeping your hands away from the hot section of the gadget and avoiding combustible things when using the heat from the collector are further safety precautions.


Following are some of the incredible benefits of a silicone nectar collector:


These dab straws are practically unbreakable, perhaps the main factor influencing people’s fondness for them. One may toss it in their backpack or handbag without worrying that it will get destroyed.

Cleanup is Simple

The incredible resilience of these allows for easy bending and twisting in ways that make cleaning them a breeze. It is impossible to reach those little, difficult-to-clean spaces with a dab straw made of glass or an electric one.

Cost Efficient

The affordability is another factor in their appeal. Most of the time, silicone dab straws are affordable, particularly when contrasted with other types of models.


Nectar collectors need to be dipped into the concentrates to be enjoyed, in contrast to dab rigs that must be preloaded and heated. The dab jar is wax-free so that the user won’t lose any of their priceless hash or oils, and this eliminates the risk of wax becoming trapped in the dab jar.


Given all the new technologies and advancements in marijuana smoking accessories, nectar collectors are a relatively recent and top-rated product. So if someone is really into dabbing, they should add them to their rig collection. They cost far less than other dab rigs and are simple to operate. For people who have never used cannabis concentrates, they are incredibly worthwhile. Employing a nectar collector may increase and enhance the smoking experience.

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