How to Make Your Short-Term Rental Property More Attractive

Short-Term Rental Property

Many homeowners with a second home have hopped on the short-term rental bandwagon to make a bit of extra cash. With apps like Airbnb simplifying the process, renting out property, and even spare rooms in the primary home is easier than ever. However, the rental market can be competitive, so you need to ensure your rental property stands out. Here are a few tips to help make your short-term rental property more attractive to potential guests.

Welcome Guests with a Complimentary Hamper

A great way to attract more guests, and ensure you get returning customers, is to offer people something they won’t get elsewhere. A complimentary welcome hamper filled with thoughtful goodies is a great way to boost your guests’ spirits—especially if they have travelled far and need refreshments. Beyond the standard tea and coffee, include items that can keep your guests going the next day. A fresh loaf with butter and jam should go down as a treat, as would a homemade cake or a locally-sourced snack. Dog treats for their traveling pet can also be a thoughtful addition.

Give Your Property Curb Appeal

The first time a guest sets eyes on your property can be a defining moment. Their entire trip could be tainted if they don’t like what they see. Make your first impression count by sprucing up the facade of your property. Regularly maintain any greenery you have at the front of your place, and keep your windows and front door in good condition. Once you have created a beautiful facade, take promotional pictures to show off your home.

Repaint the Walls

The color of your walls can affect the mood of overnight guests and boost the value of your property. Blue-colored walls in the bathroom and taupe in the living room are great choices for rental homes. Furthermore, a fresh coat of paint will ensure the aesthetic of your home remains fresh and sharp.

Maximise Space

Space is a major selling point for many guests, even if they don’t require much of it. If your home is relatively small, you can still maximize space with a few simple tricks. Furnishing your home with multifunctional furniture can make a huge difference. An Ottoman table in the living room can be used for drinks and storing soft textiles while installing triple bunk beds in one of the bedrooms will allow you to accommodate more people. Triple bunk beds are available as trio stackers, where three single beds are stacked on top of each other. Alternatively, you can choose a single bed over a double bed.

Create the Right Ambiance with Lighting

Using light to create the right ambiance will help guests feel more comfortable in your home and ensure your promotional photos look great too. As a general rule, each room should feature ambient  lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Lamps and lights controlled by singular switches, and dimmer switches are an excellent way to achieve this.

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