How to Create a Safe Playground


A 안전놀이터is essential to the health and safety of children. It should be free of sharp edges and properly anchored to the ground. It should also be free of exposed bolts and hardware. Moreover, playground areas should be clean, and free of broken glass, animal feces, and uneven ground.

Safety audits

Performing a safety audit on your playground is an excellent way to ensure that your facility meets the highest standards for the safety of children and adults. The audit process involves a systematic assessment of the equipment and the surrounding environment to identify problems, damage, or wear and tear. This inspection is important not only for the safety of users but also for the sanitation and aesthetic value of the equipment. It should be conducted by trained personnel periodically.

Playground safety audits can be performed regularly or infrequently depending on the type of equipment and the level of usage. Safety audits identify any hazards on the equipment and can help you fix them promptly. They can also limit liability for your organization and provide written proof of your care.

Keeping children safe on the playground

There are a few important steps you can take to keep your children safe on the playground. First, make sure that your child is wearing the right clothing and shoes. Loose clothing can become entangled in the equipment and pose a strangulation hazard. You should also make sure your child doesn’t wear any neck jewelry. Neck jewelry is a common cause of strangulation and should always be removed before your child plays on the playground.

Another way to prevent injuries is to make sure the playground is well-designed. The layout should allow for easy observation of children playing on the playground. Young children can’t always tell how far they are away from dangerous equipment, so it is important to keep an eye on them. Older children may be more adventurous and may try out new activities without realizing they’re in danger.

Testing surfacing

Testing the surfacing in a playground is a crucial process to ensure that playgrounds meet safety requirements. There are many different surfacing materials available for playgrounds. It is important to consider the amount of shock absorption in each surface type. The Play safe Certified Surface Impact Test is a method to determine how impact-absorbing a surface is. The test is conducted using Triax 2015 testing equipment, which means minimal disruption to the existing surface. 안전놀이터Furthermore, this method is compliant with both European EN1177) and ASTM F1292 standards.

Test methods used in playgrounds should be consistent, thorough, and independent. Ideally, playground surfacing should have been field-tested by an independent testing agent by ASTM standards. Furthermore, the surfacing should have a warranty covering the surfacing for a period of five years. The warranty should state compliance with ASTM standards, the method of field testing, and the remedies available to the playground owner.


Playground railings are a great way to protect your children from falls or injuries. They also keep children from wandering away from the playground, which can lead to dangerous situations. You can purchase different types of playground rails, including Palisade, Meshed Panel, and Bow Top Railings so that your kids can enjoy their play space without worrying about falling.

You should always build your play area with safety and accessibility in mind. Make sure that all ramps and platforms are wide enough to fit wheelchairs, and that horizontal openings between the railing and the edge should be no wider than a half inch. It is also important to install safety surfacing, which cushions jumping children and absorbs shock. You should choose non-toxic and weather-resistant surfacing, and install it at least six feet from play equipment.

Equipment spacing

Proper playground equipment spacing is vital to the safety of children. In general, swings, slides, and other equipment should be placed at least six feet apart from each other. It is also important to remember that spaces and openings between equipment should be eight centimeters or larger. It is also a good idea to include signage around the playground, which can help to separate different areas and alert children to hazards. These signs can also point kids in the right direction for age-appropriate play.

In addition to providing a safe play environment, modern playgrounds should be designed to accommodate different age groups. Small toddlers should be kept separate from older children and should only play on equipment that is under 1.5 meters high. Moving equipment should be placed at least two meters away from older children, while playgrounds with stationary equipment should be at least three meters apart.

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