Get Lost In The Music: 5 Tips To Share The Sounds You Produce With The World

Where do I find the listeners? is a question that plagues every musician. Music used to be published mostly on CDs, cassettes, and vinyl. However, with the introduction of streaming platforms and social media, musicians initially do not require labels and credits in order to duplicate discs. It is sufficient to publish the work online in order to receive audition requests, reviews, and financial compensation for your efforts. Here are five suggestions for spreading the sounds you create.

Streaming platforms

You must first make it possible for the public to lawfully listen to and purchase pre-made recordings. The main legal music streaming services in 2021 will be iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and others. There are a large number of streaming providers overall, and it can be challenging to comprehend each one. As a result, aggregator websites let you simultaneously post music to a dozen different platforms. The most well-known are CDBaby and Tunecore. You should carefully study the terms since although the placement is reasonably priced, the services do charge a commission on sales. Nevertheless, this is the quickest route to publishing your music and opening up the world music industry.

using social media

Having a social media presence is the next stage. They enable not just the posting of music but also interaction with the audience through news, concerts, etc. For the development and expansion of the fandom in the future, this is crucial. Along with iTunes and Play Music, the placement of audio recordings is occasionally included in the hosting aggregator’s package. Otherwise, doing everything yourself is simple. You can follow Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can only attach links; you cannot embed music in them. However, they must be present in them for the audience to be aware of the project’s existence and to be able to subscribe to news. It is important to share links to all of the tracks there, along with hashtags for the project’s name and genre. Users and administrators of online forums for pertinent music search for new releases using these categories.

Bandcamp, Soundcloud,, and Patreon are examples of social media for artists and musicians.

An independent musician’s web store is called Bandcamp. enables you to list your music and products, sell digital copies (including lossless versions) and discs at the pricing you want in exchange for a nominal service fee. A musician can set up his or her profile on the platform with a catchy name (it appears to be similar to a website) and share a link to it on social media. Many CD and vinyl enthusiasts have gravitated toward the business since it can sell physical media and goods, which is a huge advantage. Even in the most obscure genres, you can find a listener thanks to a sizable community.

Independent musicians can connect on Soundcloud. The primary feature is the ability to write comments directly on the soundtrack as the song progresses. This is how the catchiest moments can be noted. allows you to store music in mp3 and lossless formats totaling up to 5 GB. There are paid accounts that increase the available capacity and features. Because Soundcloud is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to link to your tunes there. While the service doesn’t permit you to sell your music, they recently included an action button that, for instance, links to the same Bandcamp. Even from your smartphone, you can utilize Soundcloud to share your music with others online. Just make sure to acquire the best sim-only offers. This platform is exceptional since it correctly connects related projects and groups. Users can easily explore entire genres and trends, and musicians benefit from getting free auditions.

Fans can donate to the channel through Patreon for a nominal fee in exchange for unique material. Early access to works, rare performance recordings, song covers, remixes, demos, dressing room videos, etc., are a few examples. You can create various subscription tiers with varying costs and content offerings, including offline gifts like apparel, CDs, and other memorabilia.

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File hosting, forums, and Reddit

There are several forums on the Internet that are specific to one or more genres of music. As an illustration, the popular Ultimate Metal heavy music forum still has an area for posting your tunes. This section is frequently visited by producers and merely connoisseurs looking for talent.

File sharing makes it possible to share music. You’ll surely want to share your unique music selection with your pals if you’ve made it. This could be a problem depending on the size and quantity of files that need to be transmitted. We can all relate to this emotion when a forum or favorite website informs us that a file is too huge. For instance, file sharing services developed especially for these activities, like Gmail with its 25 MB limit, can help.

You may try putting your release to Reddit, which is where 90% of Internet memes and other popular online content originate. There are subreddits devoted to various genres, or you may try your luck in the listentothis/ section. However, it is always important to keep in mind the unique characteristics of the forums’ and Reddit’s audiences while analyzing the criticism that has been given.

own site

Every musical endeavor has a page on the Internet, even though there aren’t many individuals who visit sites these days to read news about their favorite band. The ability to sell music and goods for your price without commission depends on having your own website. You are able to create the website. Even modern website builders like WIX and Squarespace have sufficient functionality to perform all of the aforementioned tasks. Additionally, website builders and blogging platforms like WordPress and Tilda both have incredibly user-friendly interfaces that just require a minimal understanding of HTML to operate.

The process of promoting your music is extensive and involved. The good news is that there are likely to be individuals in the world who will enjoy it. The drawback is that you have to first locate them. Therefore, the promotion is based on basic math: the more people who listen to a certain track, the more likely it is that some of them will be music enthusiasts. It would be beneficial if you always kept this in mind and did not hesitate to upload your music to every platform that was offered.

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