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What is VIN

Every car has this unique identification code irrespective of the brand and model. So, have you ever paid enough heed to VIN? What is VIN and where is it located?

VIN can be discovered in several places of your car, including the driver’s side dashboard, under the hood, door jamb, and others.

VIN, aka Vehicle Identification Number, doesn’t contain the integration of random characters. Instead, all the 17 numbers and letters included in it have a specific significance. For instance, the last 6 digits of VIN demonstrate your vehicle’s serial number, and the other characters show your vehicle’s model and manufacturer.

As you purchase a second-hand car, searching its VIN through VinPit’s VIN lookup services will help you discover plenty of details about the car. It may also be used to trace the background of a certain car, such as if that model has any safety flaws or defects.

So, today’s article will discuss everything you should know about VIN to make a safe purchase.

Part 1: Overview of VIN

A VIN is given to every vehicle, a unique code analogous to an SSN given to every person. The manufacturers of sedans and luxury cars provide unique VIN, which is utilized to discover in-depth knowledge about them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated this VIN requirement in 1981. Prior to that, each automaker had its own system for keeping track of the characteristics of various parts and vehicles.

The absence of a universal standard made it extremely simple for thieves and criminals to produce counterfeit identification certificates and registration records for vehicles. As mentioned earlier, VIN is the creative blend of 17 characters containing both letters and numbers.

It consists of vital details about the car’s specifications, features, and manufacturer. Nobody can alter or tamper with a VIN number, so it’s more like a fingerprint. With a VIN check, you can pull out the following information about your car:

  • Engine type
  • Car’s model
  • Manufacturing year
  • Production unit
  • Body style
  • Insurance or accident claims

If the car model is from 1981 or before, the older VIN number will not exceed 11 characters. However, decoding a VIN is important before buying a car; instead, you might end up buying a jalopy with safety concerns. Browse this page to see what you can do to avoid being scammed.

Browse this page

Part 2: Why is the VIN number on a vehicle significant?

Every automobile has a specific VIN, as was previously discussed, and this VIN is used to enroll vehicles for events. Using a VIN decoder, such as VinPit, will allow you to learn more about a car’s past owners, repairs, and other details regarding its background.

When searching online for a used automobile, you’ll receive a thorough record that may either assist you in avoiding falling victim to fraud or, if you’re the seller, aid you in establishing credibility with a possible buyer.

Take a picture of the VIN or note it down if you store your car’s title and license in the glove box. In order to locate and recover your seized automobile or components, the police will submit the VIN to local, national, and worldwide systems.

Additionally, if you must maintain your automobile and certain components are worn out, you must verify your vehicle identification number (VIN) to get the appropriate replacements. However, in a nutshell, these are the significances of VIN on a car:

  • You may cross check the car’s legitimacy by searching the VIN while buying a second-hand car.
  • It’s a prime assessment of car insurance.
  • As every VIN is different, it’s used to discover the car’s information.
  • You will know the exact model year of the vehicle.

Part 3: Guide to finding VIN Using VinPit

The lists are shown below to discover your car’s VIN:


The driver’s side door of your vehicle often contains the VIN number printed on it. The numbers are written on a metal sheet attached to the car’s B-pillar. You can check the VIN whenever the car’s driver’s side door is opened.


Have you ever considered that you might be capable of finding the VIN number in this place? Under the spare tire in the boot is where you may find the VIN number. Lifting the spare tire reveals this VIN number.


This is quite troublesome as only a selected few manufacturers offer this capability. The VIN is often displayed on the driver’s side dashboard if your vehicle has one.


Looking for the VIN number would be straightforward if you understand where the engine is located. If you plan to look beneath the hood, ensure the automobile is not in motion.

Certificate of Registration

Whenever you purchase a car, you should enroll it with the Regional Transport Office in your area (RTO). While stamping the VIN Number on the Registration Card for your car, the RTO must adhere to a series of processes (RC). The DNA of your automobile can only be discovered through this method. Be careful to carry the RC handbook with you at all times.

Part 4: VinPit Advantages – The best VIN lookup Services

Free VIN lookup services

Checking this car’s unique identification code, or VIN, via VinPit is free and straightforward. All you need to do is to find the VIN on your vehicle from the areas mentioned above and verify the registration folders for comparison.

Enter the VIN, and clicking “Enter” to use VinPit is the only thing required. It’s wonderful that you are not forced to register or log in at any place. You will receive a report that can be downloaded and used offline later.

You will obtain vast details about your car

Because of the many highly recommended sources, VinPit has a sizable database. Therefore, depending on the documents discovered, there is information to expose, no matter what state you are in. The only drawback is that regulatory VIN checks may prevent you from receiving everything.

Trails absent

Except for your VIN, you won’t need to submit any other personal data here. Therefore, any subsequent checkers will only come across information about the earlier searches. The results of your inquiry are private, and the digital record is erased within 24 hours.


You can access it from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet because it is web-based. Using VinPit means you should have an updated browser.


In order to know precisely what you’re driving, knowing your vehicle identification number (VIN) is necessary. For example, your vehicle’s type, model, and year may all be individually identified by its VIN. You may thus discover more about the automobile and obtain a more accurate idea of its economic worth by inputting the VIN into an online VIN decoder, VinPit.

But a detailed understanding of the VIN may provide you more clarity about maintenance issues, and upcoming recalls impacting your particular vehicle, going beyond only supplying details about the manufacturer and type of your automobile.

It’s not important to remember the car’s VIN. But it’s critical to understand what it represents and where to locate it. Additionally, while looking for a second-hand automobile, a basic understanding of how vehicle identification numbers work would be beneficial.

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