5 Best Sites to Discover Who Called Me From This Phone Number in 2022

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How often have you sat there and wondered who called me from this number? This has been a highly prevalent question in the telecommunications industry and inevitably triggered various attempts by different developers to come up with effective solutions to solve this problem. We look at 5 of the best sites to help you discover who called with whose number. Each of the five sites has been developed and equipped with various features to help users access information linked to an unknown caller safely and reliably.

How to Know Who Called Me from This Number

Using reverse phone lookup technology, developers have facilitated different sites with massive databases that users rely on to run a person’s search. Here are sites that can help you discover who called you:


This site is one of the best sites available, offering reverse phone lookup services. It boasts of easy-to-use features and a robust database that goes the extra mile to provide users with accurate and reliable information regarding an unknown caller. The database facilitating this site is as well constantly updated, and its efficiency is enhanced to ensure available information caters for maximum user needs as may be required while performing a reverse phone lookup.

WhoseNumber has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible while ensuring user safety is at an optimal level. This has been achieved by the site’s observation of international privacy standards that protect users against the malicious cyber activity. With WhoseNumber, not only are users capable of accessing identity information from the site, but more important details regarding an unknown caller can also be made available.

Within a few minutes, you can discover who just called with WhoseNumber. You can also get some important information, including where the call is from, their criminal record (if any), and even their educational records, among other relevant things.



Second on the list is this site that lets users discover who is calling me with this number by combing through a wide range of collected data to compile useful information that can be used to effectively identify a caller. Want to know more information? Click here to search in NumLooker.



If you are looking to do a quick reverse phone lookup to know who is calling with whose number, then this is an ideal site to check out. 



This is another site that is equipped and developed for the primary purpose of discovering who called with whose number. 



The final site on this list offers its reverse phone lookup services as simple as the name suggests. All a user would need to identify an unknown caller is an unknown number used. A quick search on this site will give the user access to relevant information that could be used to know who called.

How Does It Work?

While several sites are available in the market that offer reverse phone lookup services, each with its unique development, all these sites use relatively the same technology and techniques to deliver relevant search results as required by a particular user. Below are the basic steps to guide you through a successful reverse phone lookup;

  • Step-1 – open the preferred site and type in the unknown number in question, then click on search.
  • Step 2 – Wait as the site sorts through significant amounts of data to retrieve the most relevant results and display them on the screen. This may understandably take a couple of minutes owing to the vast amount of data that needs to be sorted through as well as the nature of the requested information.
  • Step 3 – Sort through availed data to retrieve relevant information that necessitated the search.

The above three-step guide provides a simple procedure to get you through a successful reverse phone lookup. Depending on the design, different sites might offer different search options, like an address or name search. However, a common feature across all the above sites is their reverse phone lookup feature that only requires a user to have an unknown phone number.

Why Is Discovering Who Is Calling Important?

Knowing who is calling is critical to the success of any kind of telecommunication. This is because an appropriate response is only developed when the message recipient is known. Therefore, it is important to find out who is calling before deciding what to do next. Some of the reasons it is important to know who is calling include the following;

  • To avoid inconvenient calls such as telemarketer calls.

It can be very irritating when you receive an unknown phone call, and it turns out to be a telemarketer. Finding out who called will eliminate the uncertainty that comes with not knowing who called.

  • To be aware of stalkers

Knowing who called from this number can help with ensuring safety from malicious parties such as stalkers. Thanks to the information made available that could include criminal records, users can gain information letting them know whether to be concerned or not.

  • Find out where an unknown caller resides

Part of the information that can be obtained through reverse phone lookup includes residential or work addresses. This can help in physically tracing an unknown caller whenever needed.


There are several options to consider when finding out who called. Top options such as WhoseNumber will ensure you never wonder about who is calling. Take advantage of a wide variety of sites that are equipped with diversely updated databases to enable the delivery of accurate and reliable information. Online usage and safety are as well core considerations in the routine operation of these sites. Appropriate measures have been adopted and implemented to ensure users have an optimally secure experience as they get the best services in terms of reverse phone lookup. 

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